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Mary Jane Holmes

Mary Jane Holmes

Mary Jane Holmes launched Smooth Transitions® of Southwest Missouri in order to fill a gap for seniors who have decided to downsize and need assistance.  As time passed, she realized she could assist anyone with their moving and estate dispersal needs.  These are life events that most people don’t commonly undertake.  Smooth Transitions has the experience and expertise to make these tasks feasible, timely and affordable.

She has a Master’s degree in Social Work with an emphasis in working with the senior population. In 2009, Mary Jane received her senior move management training and became a Smooth Transitions licensee.  Mary Jane has helped many families move, downsize, and disperse estates. Her desire is to make a significant and positive difference for people at a time when they truly need help.

Originally from Texas, Mary Jane and her family have called Springfield home for more than 18 years.  She is devoted to making Springfield a better place to live by participating in volunteer work with her church, starting a Neighborhood Watch Group and serving on the Foundation Board for the Southwest MO Office on Aging.

“Smooth Transition”
From Start to Finish

Michele, Brittany, Jill, Erica and Mary Jane are ready to help with your Smooth Transition.
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